650 Feet Underground

I think we’ll find lots of hidden treasures in our travels across America. We certainly did yesterday. We wanted to go somewhere and do something. That can be a challenge in the middle of corn country, but I found a couple of interesting possibilities in Hutchinson, Kansas, about 130 miles from the parking lot we […]

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2L Custom Trucks — Be VERY Careful

After unsuccessfully trying in good faith for several months to resolve significant issues with Wayland Long of 2L Custom Trucks, I finally and reluctantly gave up and decided to briefly share my experience with other RVers who are in the market for a large tow vehicle. I am sharing this information as a service to […]

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I Like Ike!

We were spoiled in San Diego. If we wanted to spend time just hanging out at interesting places, the choices were pretty much unlimited — Balboa Park, the beach, another beach, Coronado beach, Mt Woodson — you name it. The options in Junction City, Kansas, aren’t quite as abundant, but there is the Dwight D. […]

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South Dakota?

Five years ago the odds of Karen and me ever becoming residents of South Dakota were about the same as becoming residents of Zimbabwe. Yet here we are. Here’s the deal. When people live and travel full time in RV’s, they get to choose the state where they claim residency. Texas, South Dakota, and¬†Florida are […]

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And . . . we’re off!

Who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Last Friday (the 13th), Karen and I both officially retired and our escrow closed! The timing of each¬†was pretty incredible. Since at our ages we don’t have the luxury of just twiddling our thumbs, we left our beautiful home and good friends just two days later […]

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