New Horizons Fifth Wheels Get Better and Better

Buying a fifth wheel is like buying a computer. As soon as you make the purchase, new features are introduced. That’s just the way it is.

August brings a new set of features for the already excellent New Horizons fifth wheel homes. Following are 2015 features that were just announced. Very cool.

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Exterior Features

1)     All new exterior fiberglass walls from Global Composites.  This fiberglass will now be installed in 42’ panels which will reduce roller marks going through our pressure laminator.  The plywood substrate will actually be glassed right into the back of the fiberglass to give the panels more strength as well as the upgraded look.

2)     All baggage doors will now be fitted with metal slam latches.  These latches will all be keyed alike for your convenience but they also will have secure unique key patterns (not 731 keys).

3)     Entrance doors will have new & improved keyless entry.  The keypad will now lock the deadbolt for added security.  The window in the door will be frameless design to match the other windows on the coach.

4)     The patio awnings will have L.E.D. lighting built right into them for upgraded lighting on your patio and will have new enhanced fabric.

5)     All 6 of the exterior “scare lights” will be L.E.D. for brighter, more efficient exterior lighting.

6)     New cast aluminum wheels for an updated look.

7)     More ground clearance (2”) at front and rear of coach without increasing the overall height.

8)     Continuous A/C ducting allows running rear A/C to cool bedroom and reduce bedroom A/C noise.

9)     Beautiful new paint schemes will be available.


Interior Features

1)     The switching for all interior lighting will use the latest multiplex lighting technology (by Firefly®).  All light switches will be switched using this technology (no more rocker switches) and will be located at eight convenient locations including the main panel by the entrance door.  The “Firefly” system will control:

  • Tank monitors
  • Generator start
  • Awning controls
  • Slide controls
  • Automatic shades
  • Lighting

This system will have an optional program to run all the above plus all TV & sound systems wirelessly from your tablet or smart phone.

2)     All new light fixtures as well as new upgraded lenses for the ceiling L.E.D. lights.

3)     Standard shower surrounds will be upgraded to a solid surface style for an upgraded look.  Use of “Neo Angle” stalls will add 2” of interior space to the shower.

4)     The stairs going from main floor to the upper level will have increased width in standard plans.

5)     All cabinet drawers and doors will have “soft close” technology and under mount drawer glides with smaller euro hinges on cabinet doors.

6)     Exciting upgraded cabinet, drawer and door profiles will be available to go along with our unparalleled solid wood cabinets.

7)     Accent colors with glazing will be available to go along with our hand stained cabinet finishes.

8)     All new cabinet door pulls & knobs to accent the beautiful cabinets will be standard.

9)     Rear windows will now be “picture window” style to enhance the view out of the rear bay without looking through framing.

10)   M.C.D. manual roller shades are now standard for enhanced operation and solar screening.


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