About Us

photo (21)Forty years ago a sweet young girl and a skinny, love-struck young man locked eyes, fell in love, and got married. Over the years we had four children (who all grew up to be good, productive people with children of their own), and we paid the bills by being educators – Karen was an elementary school teacher and I was a school principal. We loved working with students and teachers, and we love our large family. Our lives have always been very happy.

One day while boondocking in Borrego Springs, we met a nice couple from Canada who had been full-time RVers for seven years. Until that day, we never considered living and traveling full-time in an RV. But after listening to their stories and seeing how much they enjoyed their lives, full-time RV living became an immediate topic of conversation. One thing led to another, we reluctantly retired, and here we are.

In June of 2014 we moved into our new New Horizons 5th wheel. We’re giddy with anticipation, and we’re also anxious because this will be such a departure from everything we have ever known — but we love a good adventure, so off we go! We look forward to sharing nuggets of discovery along the way.



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